Tackle Football - Frequently Asked Questions

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Our season runs from August 1 through the end of October/early November with football players participating in 10 or more games. Our teams are made up of at least 20 players and generally no more than 26.  We limit the number of players on each team to ensure quality instruction and fair opportunities for participation and playing time.

Team Placement / Paperwork / Roles Required
Tackle players will be placed on teams by Tackle Program Leadership and teams communicated by mid-July. Our tackle teams play in the BuxMont Pop Warner League. This is an age-based league ranging from 7-13 yr olds. The teams fielded will be determined by the number of registered players in each age group.

All paperwork must be received by June 30th.  If your paperwork is not completed and turned in, your player will not be able to start.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  Paperwork can be turned in anytime after your player is registered.  Do not wait or you will risk your player not being eligible.

Each team needs at least two (2) team parents who support the entire season.  This role will support activities such as uniform handout & collection, paperwork, team gifts, etc.  These roles must be filled by August 1 or the team will not be fielded.  These roles work very closely with coaches.


The first seven weeks of games are published by August 25.  Pop Warner BuxMont hosts scrimmages the 3rd weekend of August (e.g., August 18-20, 2023) and regular season games begin the last weekend of August (e.g., August 26, 2023).  Games are played anytime between Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Each team will only play one game per weekend.

The last 3 weeks of the game schedule (usually referred to as "Weeks 8, 9 and 10") are always subject to change due to the tackle teams that enter the playoffs. Additionally, the league tries to make the last one or two tackle games at all levels as balanced as possible (if the schedule can be adjusted).

Tackle football games are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours long.  Teams meets roughly 45-60 minutes prior to game start to warm up.


Football practice begins August 1 and is four (4) nights a week with potential for a Friday evening practice and runs for approximately 2-3 hours. Coaches are given latitude on scheduling and will communicate at the preseason parent meeting and via Teamsnap.

Once school starts, practices are reduced to 2-3 nights per week. Practice times are generally between 5:30 - 8:30pm and are at the coach's discretion.

Practices are held at a variety of fields across the Main Line including: Radnor High School fields, Wilson Farm Park, and Teegarden Park fields located off of Cassatt Road.

Tackle football is a team sport and the team only succeeds when everyone is in attendance. Therefore, 100% attendance is expected at practices and games starting August 1 unless there is an approved absence (e.g., illness).  Conditioning/training camp (August 1-August 25) is approximately 4 weeks and having your player miss even one week of that time will cause them to fall behind their teammates in skills and learning. In addition, Pop Warner mandates all tackle players finish their conditioning hours prior to playing in games - there are no exceptions to this policy.  Additionally, appropriate behavior, respect, and sportsmanship is expected at all times.

Fundraising and volunteering are part of Tackle and mandatory for all families.  More information regarding fundraising efforts and volunteer opportunities will be released in August.

Playing time

Pop Warner has "minimum play requirements" for all levels of football.  All players must participate in every game if they are on the roster.  However, if your player has missed practice due to illness, we are able to limit playing time to ensure the safety of the player.


All Pop Warner coaches, administrators and board members are volunteers. Coaches apply for a coaching position every year during registration and will be interviewed prior to being assigned a position. Coaches must be certified by USA Football in concussion prevention, awareness, and SAFE fundamentals of football. The certification requires knowledge of all approved safety methods including "Head's Up Football".

If you are interested in coaching football be sure to visit the “Coaches Corner” of the website to submit an application. If you would like more information, please contact us waynewildcatsfootball@gmail.com.


Wayne Wildcats provides the following tackle equipment: helmet, shoulder pads, gameday pants and jersey, and a practice Jersey.

Players need to provide: football cleats and socks, white practice pants, athletic cup, jock strap, or supporters, mouthguard with strap, chin strap with 2 buckles on sides.  Arm sleeves, gloves, and integrated shirt are optional.

Players who wear glasses

When worn, they shall be of athletically-approved construction with non-shattering glass (safety glass) or contact lenses. Eyeglasses MUST be secured by a sport band while performing to ensure safety (i.e., Eyeglasses shall be secured to the head and under the hair with a sport band). Note: Eye glass bands must not be knotted or have beads on it.